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5 Years of Great Memories

We had amazing Wrenchfest events in August and September. Our Wrenchfest on August 3rd had 16 attendees and following that the Wrenchfest on September 14th had 22 attendees in preparation for our trip to 8-Fest.

Chad Weltzien, owner of Solely Bimmer in Mission Viejo, was our host in August. After 12 years in the business of fixing BMW's, specializing in 8 Series, and soaking up as much knowledge and experience as Chad possibly could, he thought the next logical step was to open his own shop. His simple goal was to create South Orange County premier independent BMW repair facility. Here at Solely Bimmer, the only way they know to do things is to make sure they're done the right way, and we invite you to put them to the test

Fabrizio (Fab) Aldrette, owner of EF1 Motorsports in Long Beach, hosted our September Wrenchfest. Growing up in the automotive business, Fabrizio had a passion for cars at an early age. It is this passion that compelled him to dedicate his life to the automotive industry and eventually opening his own shop EF1 Motorsports. As a member of both the Ferrari and Porsche Owners Club of America, he has worked on countless exotic and European vehicles throughout Southern California and abroad. To this day, customers that have moved to neighboring states continue to bring their vehicles to Fabrizio for major service and maintenance, but more importantly for the rapport he has with them. He also is a big supporter of SoCal Eights and offers excellent service at the lowest costs possible

We appreciate the support of these two local businesses in our efforts to maintain our cars in top condition!

Greetings from SoCal: Sixteen SoCal members gathered at Solely BMW do some very needed wrenching. Most who attended are going to the 8-Fest in October and were doing some last minute repairs to their Eight before the trip. Some came to help others with repairs and some attended to just spend time to meet and greet new 8 owners. The WrenchFest started at 9:00 AM and most of us bailed out by 3:00 PM. We want to thank Chad for opening his business for us on a Saturday and also helping with some technical issues. As always, Chad was a great host.

Also included in this issue: The story of our International 8ers across the great pond who recently took a 2 week tour in Europe with their final destination in Vienna Austria. They made a few stops along the way visiting some very beautiful sites in Europe before ending up in Vienna.

Fern Mora.

Greetings from SoCal: Some of us arrived early before 9:30am at the side gate in anticipation of having the opportunity of getting a chance to tour this historic house. We had time to meet and greet each other while we waited for Steve the Park Ranger to open the gate. Special arrangements needed to be made months in advance to obtain this private tour inside the Greystone Mansion. The tours are limited to 20 adults but I was able to get 5 more added. The gate opened just before 10:00 but it was will worth the wait

The Greystone Mansion is largest home ever built in Beverly Hills. It wasn't built by a movie star, even though many movies have been filmed at this spectacular estate. Beverly Hills is known for its many grand mansions.

Unfortunately, you can only drive past most of these majestic estates, but here is a surprising exception to that rule. At Greystone Park, can drive through the fancy wrought-iron gates to one of the most dramatic estates in Beverly Hills, stroll its lushly landscaped16-acre grounds, and admire the 46,000 sq. ft. 55-room castle up close.

Greetings from SoCal: We have had 4 amazing events these last 6 months. Starting with our Wrenchfest in February with 23 attendees, Nethercutt Museum in April with 25 attendees, Bimmerfest 2012 where 25 rolled in together, an impromptu Cars & Coffee meet in Irvine, and we just attended the Dana Point Concours D� Elegance this June where we had a good showing of 9 Eights��and we�re not done yet! Coming in July, we�re going on a personal tour just for us of the 46,000 Sq Ft. Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills followed by a luncheon. Also planned is our 2nd & 3rd Wrenchfest this August and September just in time to prepare our cars for our 1,400 mile round trip to 8-Fest in October. There is no grass growing under our tires.

Bimmefest: It was an outstanding success. We had a great up front first row reserved parking area which I was able to arrange so that we could get full exposure without being hidden by the masses. We received a very warm welcome form the organizers and attendees and we were bombarded by the usual questions and comments�.. �No it�s not a new BMW model�. Those who know about the 8 and have seen one before were amazed to see (like most have said), that there were so many in one place at one time. I am sure we have all heard these words before, but it is always pleasant to hear it. We had five CSi�s with us and Tom Patton was in the Bimmer Coral competing with his �94 CSi . Tom won first place for Best Stock BMW. The last two years, Gary Corcoran won with his �94 CSi as Best Stock BMW.

Dana Point 31st Concours D� Elegance: What a prestigious event this was. It was billed as the Pebble Beach Concours of Southern California. Some of the most amazing original and restored cars in the country were exhibited, and SoCal Eights were among them. We did not compete for awards, but were on display in the Super Cars Section. Ralph Rodheim who once worked as a volunteer at the Newport Concours D� Elegance before the venue was moved to Dana Point, was instrumental in getting our group accepted as participants. It was the first time that any BMW group had been accepted to join this wonderful event.

About the Nethercutt: The Nethercutt Collection features rare collectibles ranging from mechanical musical instruments and antique furniture to the true heart of the collection: over 250 American and European automobiles dating from 1898 to 1997.

Founder J.B. Nethercutt spent a lifetime establishing this collection of historic importance. Unique to automobile museums, each car on display is attentively serviced and maintained to remain just as drivable as when the vehicle originally rolled off the showroom floor. On view are various Pebble Beach Concours d�Elegance winners and cars once owned by movie stars, royalty and other notable personalities.

The entire collection is housed in two beautifully appointed exhibit buildings located just north of Los Angeles. Housed in the museum is the Nethercutt Automotive Research Library and Archives, one of the world�s top automotive research facilities. Just steps outside the museum is a splendidly restored steam locomotive with a private railcar.

Opened in 1971, The Nethercutt Collection is a not-for-profit educational institution and a resource for automobile enthusiasts, historians, students and scholars. It is open to the public and admission is free!

In this issue I have decided to combine the months of January and February since it is easier. SoCal Eights had only one event and little of any other new news to share. However there is enough news in this issue that I feel you will find interesting.

We have had a lot of fun these past 2 months and have also met new 8 owners. Our group is expanding and will continue to grow as we get more exposure. Our web site is now active and continues to be updated as events are scheduled. Our website is now open to all, and any 8 owner can post ads in our classified section. .

SoCal Eights has been getting notoriety through the T-Shirts, Key Rings, and Newsletters all around the world which helps us to expand our reach in the US as well as internationally.

Caroline Price and Kurt De Palma have organized a Central California wine tasting tour for the last three years. This year was no exception. We missed the first year as the event conflicted with the Reno Air Races. Eventually, most everyone arrived. The group headed off to dinner at A.J.Spurs. Since we were following a gentleman who knew the way…. we were not paying much attention when he turned off the freeway. We followed … and commenced looking around… we were lost. Inputted the address into the GPS and we were on our way to our parking spot close to A.J. Spurs. Oh well…..  The size of some of the libations at A.J’s were immense! The food was brought to the tables family style… way too much! Much raucous celebration and reminiscing. We eventually headed back to the motel and collapsed into bed.

After breakfast we each were given a winery from which we were required to buy a bottle of wine to share for either lunch or dinner. Off we went led by the indomitable Kurt and Caroline. The wineries were superb. The Pomar Junction Winery was great. Our hosts were superb. After that we just followed the car in front. Kurt did a great job. Not too fast; nor too slow. We eventually visited all the scheduled wineries and visited the gas station on the way back to the motel. We assembled in the conference room at 6:00p for a Power Point presentation of the history of the 8 groups on the pacific coast and the introduction of the 10th Anniversary of the 2003 Left Coast 8-Fest to be held next October 2013 at Garberville. www.8-

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday except there was only one winery … however there was much excitement by the women as they wanted to visit the men’s bathroom to see the statue and play with the clothing. After lunch we left for our trips back home, via the Salinas air show.

A New Format and Expanded Co A New Format and Expanded Coverage for our Community: verage for our Community: This is the first issue of the This is the first issue of the expansion of the monthly Newslett expansion of the monthly Newsletter. For this issue, I decided to er. For this issue, I decided to make some changes to the News make some changes to the Newsletter that I hope you will find beneficial and informative with formative with some humor. My goal is to some humor. My goal is to encompass what is transpiring around ompass what is transpiring around your 8 community worldwide. your 8 community worldwide. The plan is to cover more than just what is happening in and around SoCal but work towards but work towards bringing news of interest, featur bringing news of interest, feature our members, e our members, and upcoming events from all over the United nts from all over the United States and Internat States and International 8 communities ional 8 communities.

I will still be producing the I will still be producing the “Car of the Month”issue but will also add one more add one more “The Marquee The Marquee Award” ” to each monthly issue. This will to each monthly issue. This will give more of our 8 owners the give more of our 8 owners the opportunity to have their opportunity to have their car featured in the news. car featured in the news. In order to make the monthly In order to make the monthly “Marquee Award”issue there must be a good story to go with the story to go with the pictures of your pictures of your car, unlike the car, unlike the “Car of the Month”which will be selected by which will be selected by the SoCal 8s Club the SoCal 8s Club Directors, I make the selection for Directors, I make the selection for “Marquee Award”. .

Anyone who has a good human interest story, has done something to support their community, o support their community, or is a active member or is a active member of their 8 community can be included in the newsletter. Everyone is e newsletter. Everyone is eligible to submit their story. eligible to submit their story. If you fall into this criteria or if you have a small interesting story you would lik g story you would like to share please e to share please send it in even is it is small. send it in even is it is small. I will do my best to include it I will do my best to include it. You can see some examples of the . You can see some examples of the stories contained in this month stories contained in this month issue. I hope you enjoy this new format and the expansion of e expansion of news Best Regards, Best Regards, Fern SoCal 8s Club President SoCal 8s Club President

MARKVAUGHN - AutoweekWest Coast Editor “We had 400 cars pre-register,” said Frank Patek, executive director of the BMW Car Club of America.“My guess is we’ve already blown past that.” Normally the Legends of the Autobahn car show gets 250 or so BMWs, Mercedes and Audis, plus a smattering of whatever the German word is for Etceterini (Alles Andere? Die Reste? Das, was wir finden in der Potatoe Feld aus?). The 100th anniversary of BMW upped that figure considerably. Indeed, when we first entered the field at the Nicklaus Golf Course just down Highway 68 from Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, all we saw was a sea of Bimmers, starting with a bright orange 2002. Examples of that model spread out to the left, while the right saw an ever-expanding timeline of CS and CSi coupes ascending up the fairway. A climb over a bunker lead us to the center of the celebration of the spinning propeller: a museum treasure trove of BMWs of old.

There were cars you likely haven’t ever seen, but, unless you’re a real Bimmerphile, might not even have heard of. First up was a 1934 309 two-door, next to what looked like a 1937 329 cabriolet. There was a downright racy early-60s 700 convertible, a 1600 GT, all kinds of rarely-seen sedans and two 507s, one of which was recently and painstakingly documented as being the very 507 Elvis bought when he was stationed in Germany. There were several race cars, including DTM 3-Series race cars, and the #39 BMW McLaren F1 driven by Nelson Piquet, Johnny Cecotto and Danny Sullivan at Le Mans in 1996 and a Le Mans Prototype driven by Jurgen Muller, JJ Lehto and Tom Kristensen.

Uphill from all the BMWs Audi brought one of its Le Mans prototypes, albeit a more recent entry, the #3 R18 ultra driven to fourth place at Le Mans by Romain Dumas, Loic Duval and Marc Gene in 2012. The rest were BMWs, Benzes and Audis ranging from the rare and exclusive to the dailydriven and even a few mundane, all served up in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. “It’s more open, less fruh fruh,” said collector Jin Takemura, who brought his gorgeous Mercedes dreadnought. “There are no buffets, no guys with gold buttons on the sleeves of their blue blazers, it’s just fun.” Or as they say in old Deutschland, "Ja,das war alles gut."

SoCalEights visited the Petersen Museum for the first time since it closed in 2013 for renovation. After 14 months and $90 million in dramatic renovations, the Petersen Automotive Museum reopened. Hitting a deadline that many inside and outside the organization thought impossible, the overhauled Wilshire Boulevard car-centric exhibition space reopened to the public in early December 2015 after its extended closure.

The makeover seeks to make the dated museum more appealing to younger audiences with a trove of interactive technology — and to give all patrons ample reason to make repeated visits, which few did before the renovations. The reimagined space — wrapped in stainless-steel ribbons over a "hot-rod red" skin that has divided critics is bigger and bolder. Museum leaders aimed for a worldclass institution on a Miracle Mile stretch that already includes such attractions as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Page Museum, La Brea Tar Pits and the future Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.


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Brian Diefenbacher Represented SoCalEights at the Sedona, Arizona Car Show

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Gary Corcoran, our VP for his article inputs, great photos and his commitment to helping me with SoCalEights newsletters and events.

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Roger Wray ,BMWCCA E31 Chapter President, for his support by arranging a block of hotels rooms, setting up insurance for the caravan, and our contact liaison with BMWCCA organizers.

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Michael Kugel, for allowing us to invade his home turf and taking over his clubhouse parking lot with 26 Eights, and for submitting his pictures.

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Tom Jacobsmeyer , our Event Coordinator for helping set up our welcoming dinner, submitting his pictures and for his many ongoing contributions to the club.


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